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MPE are an ISO9001 accredited precision subcontract engineering company. We specialise in multi-axis CNC machining producing quality components for our diverse & growing customer base. We are fast, reliable & deliver on time, every time.

Precision Engineering is now crucial in many aspects of everyday life, even more so for those competing in the Aerospace, Automotive and Formula 1 markets.

These highly demanding industries need an honest and trustworthy supplier, who will give them a direct edge over their competition with a second to none reaction time from quote to delivery. At MPE we make this possible by fixating on the three fundamental strengths of our business which are Expertise, Innovation and Technology.

The latest in CNC technology

Our specialist skills and experience combined with our fast, highly accurate CNC machinery enable us to be extremely competitive in quality, price, performance and delivery.

We have a real passion for precision engineering and our enthusiasm is reflected in our quality of work. To ensure this we obtain our BS EN ISO9001 quality management system.

Covering specialist Industries

Being approved suppliers for multiple Formula 1 teams means we have to react almost instantly to any given requirement, whether its quote, manufacture, or delivery and we often have as little as two or three days to do all three.

We have manufactured many different high-performance components for the setup, testing and racing of these incredible pieces of engineering excellence. We work with various heat and wear resistant grades of Aluminium, AMS and Titanium to produce the most complex of parts using our Multi axis CNC machines.

Our dedicated workforce coupled with our CAD/CAM and industry leading machine tools make us the ideal partner to help our clients go one step further than the competition.

Formula 1